hi! i'm from mexico and i didnt understand what ella said in the video "its tough and ______ and beautiful" what she said in that part?


Hey! She says triumphant :)

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I have something i need you to see (x)


the new song you mean the single for the hunger games soundtrack right? do you think she will release it soon?


yeah I think so :)))))) pretty soon hopefully because the tour starts in a week!!! 

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I'm seeing Lorde at midtown music festival in atl on sept. 19!!!!!!! Do u think she will grace us with her new stage/setlist?


Exciting!!!! Ahh because her performance is part of a festival I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure you’ll hear the new song, outfits, lighting etc just maybe not the full blown thing :)

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Lorde performing at the Osheaga Music Festival, Montreal

August 2014


Lorde looked stunning while attending the MTV Music Video Awards.  Lorde wore a Chanel Fall 2014 RTW Velvet Jumpsuit which is sadly not for purchase.

so lorde is coming to my town on September 23, my friend and I were wondering if it's too late to get tickets?? also, what the concert is like in general? thanks!


I just tried to buy tickets for that show and they’re still available! I don’t really know how to explain it, but you won’t regret it!! She’s such an incredible performer and there’s a new stage, set list and everything! It’s the last time you’ll see her perform songs from Pure Heroine in the US! You really won’t wanna miss it!!!!!!! 

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Favourite albums

Pure Heroine // Lorde



Lorde’s trophy cabinet


lorde in malibu

do you know what lorde's previous tumblr url was before the one she has now


nope, I don’t think she had a tumblr before lordemusic. I remember her talking about becoming lorde and then making all these social media accounts, tumblr included.

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